So what do you do in Wisconsin? You buy cheese! We are traveling through Wisconsin and spent some time in the Ashland historic district. They have some beautiful murals on the brick walls around the town. We also stopped by a cheese house to buy some fresh cheese which was awesome!

Duluth, Minnesota

Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it? Well it isn’t the most exciting city but Duluth has a few claims to fame:

1. It is one of the largest freshwater ports in the world. It takes ships about seven days to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

2. It has a cool “aerial lift bridge” that that has to be raised for the cargo ships to enter and exit the harbor.

3. It is the birthplace of Bob Dylan. (I saved the best for last).

We had to go through Duluth for a second time. The first time was to head north on what they call the “North Shore” of Lake Superior. The second time was to leave the area to head east.

The big lake they call Gitchi Gummi

Gordon Lightfoot sang about it in the “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.  Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world.  It looks like an ocean.  They say it acts like an ocean too; several hundred ships and boats have sunk in it over the years when storms kicked up enormous waves.

We drove through Duluth Minnesota on the way.  It looks like an interesting city.  We will try to see more of it when we go back through to get back around the Southern part of the lake.  More on that later.