The Original Hot Pocket

“Pasties”, basically meat pies, are sold everywhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They say that they were originally brought from England by Cornish miners.

According to Wikipedia: “Today, the pasty is the food most associated with Cornwall. It is regarded as the national dish and is filled with beef, diced potato, turnip, and onion, and seasoned with salt and pepper.”

They are about as unappetizing as a Hot Pocket, only blander. Sometimes food is more about the adventure than the taste.

5 thoughts on “The Original Hot Pocket

  1. We are having fun reading your blog posts and living vicariously through you two! Pasties are one of John’s favorite foods. His Grandmother from England made them. (Maybe you just got a bad one.😉).


    1. It’s just me. They taste kind of like pot pies and I’ve never been a fan of pot pies. The pasties were okay just not delicious. And I’m sure some people can make them better than others.

      Pam’s family came from England several generations ago. The family name was Pascoe. I know some were from Cornwall.



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