One day delay

We have to wait until Sunday to head north. Why? Well, we sold our truck to these folks from Houston. Their credit union says that they cannot cut us a check until we provide proof of vehicle inspection. We said that Oklahoma does not require or do vehicle inspections. That did not satisfy them. So we are going to drive to Texas on Saturday just to get a Texas vehicle inspection to make the credit union happy. Drive to Texas, pay $7 to get our truck inspected, and return the same day. Then we can sell the truck and, hopefully, we can head north on Sunday.

5 thoughts on “One day delay

  1. Well the good thing is that we now have time to deal with things like this. So it was no big thing. Just a trip straight to Denison and back. Hopefully this credit union will get us a check in a couple of days. It was kind of funny getting the inspection. The guy got frustrated with the computer, got in an argument with his boss, and went home. They were all nice to us though and didn’t charge us since it took so long. Saved a cool seven bucks.


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