Niagara Falls – The U.S. Side

Tomorrow we will cross the border into Canada.  The photos from the Canada side should be better.

Long Live Rock

I enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame more than I expected.  I was expecting a typical museum, interesting but not exciting.  But there were so many interesting exhibits, including exhibits with sound and audio, and small theaters to watch the artists’ past performances, it made it all the more fun.

We spent about a half day there and I could have easily gone back the next day to go through it again.  There was so much information to absorb.  I already had a vague idea about the origins and and continuing evolution of rock, but they did a great job laying out rock’s history and how country, blues, and other genres laid the groundwork.  They also did a good job in showing how one artist or band influenced those that followed.  Also, one region of the United States would influence another which would influence England, for example, and then, in turn, affect music back in the United States.

They gave due credit to such “country” artists such as Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and even Jimmy Rogers and Hank Williams.  Blues/soul credit went to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, James Brown, Marvin Gay, and many others.  Of course, Elvis (and others), got a tremendous amount of credit for bringing it all together and delivering the new sound to white audiences.

I could go on and on.  Click on each picture to see the caption.

The Original Hot Pocket

“Pasties”, basically meat pies, are sold everywhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They say that they were originally brought from England by Cornish miners.

According to Wikipedia: “Today, the pasty is the food most associated with Cornwall. It is regarded as the national dish and is filled with beef, diced potato, turnip, and onion, and seasoned with salt and pepper.”

They are about as unappetizing as a Hot Pocket, only blander. Sometimes food is more about the adventure than the taste.

Mackinac Bridge

This was the view a short walk from our campsite at Strait State Park in Michigan. The bridge spans the Strait of Mackinac and connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. The Strait of Mackinac connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

We will be here a few days. In a day or two we will take the Ferry to Mackinac Island and post some pictures from there.


So what do you do in Wisconsin? You buy cheese! We are traveling through Wisconsin and spent some time in the Ashland historic district. They have some beautiful murals on the brick walls around the town. We also stopped by a cheese house to buy some fresh cheese which was awesome!

Duluth, Minnesota

Sounds pretty boring doesn’t it? Well it isn’t the most exciting city but Duluth has a few claims to fame:

1. It is one of the largest freshwater ports in the world. It takes ships about seven days to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

2. It has a cool “aerial lift bridge” that that has to be raised for the cargo ships to enter and exit the harbor.

3. It is the birthplace of Bob Dylan. (I saved the best for last).

We had to go through Duluth for a second time. The first time was to head north on what they call the “North Shore” of Lake Superior. The second time was to leave the area to head east.